The White Home: An Exterior Color that Transcends Time


White after Labor Day? Fashion faux pas! Thankfully, this fashion trend does not extend to the exterior color of your house, where white is always in style. To say white is white or all white paint is the same could not be further from the truth. It comes in hundreds of thousands of shades, from warm whites with red, orange or yellow undertones to cool whites with gray or blue tints. With so many white hues available, Harrison Homes finds the perfect white to compliment the exterior style and create a home with timeless curb appeal.

Rooted in History

While white has been a popular choice for home exteriors for centuries, it was at one time not just a trend but chosen for practical purposes. Farmhouses, traditionally painted white, began with a whitewash, also known as lime paint. Used during colonial times, this method was applied to prevent mildew from forming on the inside and outside of the houses.

The world-famous White House was also painted using lime-based whitewash in 1798 to protect the building’s porous stone exterior from freezing in the winter. Never allowed to weather, the exterior was periodically refreshed until 1818 when it was finally painted with white lead paint and officially dubbed the “White House” by Teddy Roosevelt in 1901.

The 1990’s and early 2000’s ushered in more neutral colors, with tans and browns in countless shades, mixed with natural elements. But trends come and go, like waves, cresting at the top just to crash down and flow back to sea. White, however, remains timeless and classic, transcending through the ages. Here is what Harrison Homes’ Designer Jenny had to say about current exterior paint trends and what she predicts we will see more of throughout 2022:

“Painted white brick is a relatively new trend, though it has been around for a long time. When it started, a bright white painted brick was the go-to. However, over the years people have ‘warmed’ up to softer, aged whites that work naturally outside.”

-Home Designer Jenny Delgado

“We’re seeing this trend continue and warmer, ivory tones are being used in conjunction with natural brick or stone. The Modern Farmhouse, however, will likely stay true to a crisp white exterior. Favorites are SW 7005 Pure White, SW 7008 Alabaster, or BM OC-17 White Dove.”

“Also popular are creamier whites like SW 7010 White Duck (pictured earlier,) SW 6119 Antique White and BM OC-13 Soft Chamois. These shades carry tones of yellow which pair beautifully with natural textural brick in brown/tan tones with pops of red. Natural Stone like Weathered Granite or Limestone is really sought after, too. It works in tandem with creamy white tones for exteriors and really gives a nice balance between Modern and Historic designs.”

“However, we are seeing homeowners embrace new construction homes with moody, darker exteriors like SW 7020 Black Fox , SW 7069 Iron Ore or BM 1603 Graphite. The contrast is what is hot right now and celebrates the juxtaposition of colors and textures.

Beyond white and moody dark grays, there are many other exterior colors that offer tremendous curb appeal for homebuyers.

With so many gorgeous shades of white to choose from, the white exterior is sure to remain popular throughout the ages. But if a white home isn’t your cup of tea, darker colors offer depth and richness, while soft, mellow greys and blues feel calm and serene. What’s your favorite exterior color? Are you team white house? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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By Samantha Grundy

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