The Fall Edit: Styling Your Mantel Like a Designer


While Spring was a season of renewal, Fall is a time for transition.  Outside, the leaves change from vibrant greens to bold shades of red and gold.  The days become shorter and the evenings cooler.  As we witness and experience these natural changes, we begin to spend less time outdoors and more inside, relishing in the warmth and coziness as we gradually increase the heat on the thermostat.  The increased time spent indoors calls for a seasonal makeover and this season we are focusing on staple of home interior décor:  fireplace mantels.

The fireplace is a central location in your home.  By updating the mantel with seasonal décor, you can enjoy the spirit of each season as you nestle up by a warm fire.  One option is to keep it neutral and classy.

“Ditch the TV over the fireplace,” recommends Designer Jenny, “and opt for a gilded antique mirror instead to reflect on the past and add new energy over your fireplace.”

We understand a mirror is a big purchase, but its beauty and charm is everlasting, creating a blank canvas for any new design trends.  Next, Designer Jenny suggests pairing your mirror with more modern and artistic vases.

1. Fall Fantasy Wreath 2. Louis Wall Mirror 3. Pumpkin Candles 4. 5 Taper Holder 5. Faux Magnolia Garland 6. Brown Glass Longneck Vase 7. Tall Bottle 8. Pampa Grass

Continuing with this style, using neutral garland allows a backdrop for your seasonal accessories, such as magnolia leaves with its beautiful greenery that works with both fall and Christmas décor.  Add a dried brand wreath with fall accents to embrace the season’s colors, natural elements and textures.  Designer Jenny’s final tip is to add a contemporary candle holder for a fun way to add some ambiance to your space with tall, tapered candles.

Moving from the mantel to the remainder of the room, Jenny also recommends investing in an oversized basket to hold cozy blanket and pillows for the upcoming seasons.  To create a cohesive look, mix plaid patterns with seasonal colors.

1. Cablelock Wool Basket 2. La Calle Alpaca Throw 3. Heritage Softest Wool Blanket 4. Italian Velvet Pillow Cover 5. Silk Plaid Pillow Cover

If you prefer a bolder color palette,  Designer Jenny’s recommendations still apply.  Adding pops of fall’s warm colors are simple way to update your décor.  With Halloween around the corner, highlight shades of orange in your decor as inspiration.

1. Taylor Hurricane & Fall Arrangement 2.Harvest Pumpkin Wreath 3. Louis Wall Mirror 4. Faux Aspen Tree Branch
5. Glass Pumpkins

For your oversized basket, gold pillows and gold plaid patterns can be mixed with other colors to showcase the season.

1. Cablelock Wool Basket 2. Ochre Throw Blanket 3. Italian Velvet Pillow Cover 4. Plaid Lambswool Blanket

If your home does not include a fireplace, there are plenty of locations to accessorize throughout.  These choices can work in a dining room buffet or entryway.  Regardless of your style choice, bold or neutral, consider refreshing your entire space (and, per Designer Jenny’s advice, finding a new place for the TV!)

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Authored by Samantha Grundy with Jenny Delgado

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