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Building a custom home takes a portfolio of talented people—architects, builders, project managers, interior designers and subcontractors. Each individual involved directly contributes to the creation of your new home.  When choosing a builder to bring your dream home to life, choose the builder with the dream team!

Harrison Homes is proud to introduce our Custom Homes division. Each team member has the experience, knowledge, professionalism and passion to ensure your custom homebuilding journey is enjoyable, and that your final home product exceeds your expectations.

Brent Jay, VP of Harrison Custom

“Building a custom home isn’t a pipe dream. We have the experience and resources to value engineer a project from the very beginning so that homeowners allocate value appropriately. The final home achieves their dream, and is built to last.” 

With over 16 years of physical experience building homes and 9 years of project management, Brent joined Harrison Homes with the goal of establishing a true Custom Home division. “It’s important to me to have creative control and freedom to do things the right way, and Harrison Homes supports these core values. My passion lies in the creative challenge of homebuilding.  Give me an idea or concept for your home and I’ll figure it out!” says Brent.

In just over 2 years, Brent quickly grew the Harrison Custom Home division through referrals. He’s built a synergistic team of people that make the custom home building process professional, efficient and exciting for homeowners.

“Every person on this team treats the home as if it’s theirs. We listen. We communicate. We like people. Our homeowners have the attention and support they deserve throughout the entire project.”

When he’s not building gorgeous homes, Brent enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with his kids, eating a good burger and strumming the guitar. (If you’re up for a fun story, ask him about his European Tour!)


Blake McDonald, Project Manager

“The attention-to-detail, personal touch and ownership Harrison takes with each project is commendable. We have a true passion for what we’re doing, and there’s a great deal of personal pride in a job well done.”  

A graduate of Georgia State University, Blake got bit by the construction bug after he purchased his first home. A self-described “serial DYI’er,” Blake discovered he loved working with wood while rehabbing his home.  Inspired, he took a position performing warranty fixes for a production homebuilder.  There Blake quickly honed his building skills. From rebuilding kitchens, moving walls, repairing chimneys, improving septic systems, fixing leaks, flooring and tile work, etc.–he either repaired or rebuilt it.  While he loved the work, Blake wished for a more personal connection with the homeowner.  He also wanted to construct a quality home without the flaws he saw happening, and manage a build from start to finish.

When former colleague Brent Jay called with the opportunity to build custom homes with Harrison Homes, Blake didn’t hesitate.  Blake manages the construction schedule and job details of every phase of the project.  “Every home we build is unique,” says Blake.  “I really enjoy working alongside homeowners to take their project from an idea to final product. After working together for months, it’s so rewarding to be able to deliver their vision.”

When he’s not on the job site, you can find Blake hanging out with his daughter, mountain biking, eating Mexican food and rocking out to some Tom Petty.

Jenny Delgado, Design Project Manager

“Designing a home is incredibly personal. Throughout the process, I question, ‘Who is going to live here? Why are they building THIS home, and how does each space reflect THEIR needs and desires?”

Jenny’s path as a home designer was inspired by her engineering and woodworking father who built furniture and updated homes.  Jenny started assisting him at the tender age of 10.  She facilitated design choices and made 3D models rendering the color schemes and built-ins.  A graduate of University of Alabama, Jenny moved to Atlanta and gained experience in the fields of tenant development, hospitality and quick-service restaurant design.  Next she joined a national production builder and worked her way up to Senior Designer, where she met and collaborated with Brent.

Jenny and Brent worked together on a luxury home community, where Jenny planned, designed, furnished and staged luxury model homes.  She loved “the freedom of conceptualizing a house, and creating a story within a space.”  As Design Project Manager for Harrison Homes, Jenny is thrilled to work with clients to provide a personal and joyful custom homebuilding experience. “I love curating the entire plan of the home—addressing usability and function, and being engaged with the lifestyle of each homeowner,” says Jenny.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys photography, road trips, stargazing, and organizing/staging her own home. She’s also got a sweet tooth and delights in a freshly baked donut or pie.

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