Interview With A Homebuilder – Finding a Lot


In the second chapter of our three part Question and Answer series, Harrison Homes sits down with Real Estate Agent Casey Rutherford to discuss:

  • Finding a Lot
  • Builder Specifications
  • How to Get an Accurate Quote

If you’re considering building a custom home or purchasing a new construction home, then tune in for important information from the experts in residential home building.

Ken Warlick and Brent Jay of Harrison Homes

Below is a transcript of the conversation.

Location & Land

Question: How should I go about finding a lot?                                                                                   

First, you need to have identified your desired location. That’s number 1.  We encourage you to engage with Harrison Homes at the beginning of your property search. We’re intimately acquainted with land and development processes, and can quickly identify the property’s potential, uncover costly development issues or deal-breakers so that you purchase the right parcel of land.

Question: What is your service area to build a custom home?               

We build custom homes in Brookhaven, Chamblee, Buckhead, Chastain Park, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton and Lake Oconee.  Ten to 15 miles outside of 285 is our range. We have been conservative in our expansion efforts because every home deserves proper care and attention, and Harrison Homes is committed to delivering quality products and experiences.

Question: Do builders offer standard specifications for their homes?                                                   

Harrison Homes has a standard specifications package of premium selections for our new construction homes. Anything above this baseline is determined by the homeowner’s budget and design preferences. We will not go below our premium standard in effort to maintain brand quality and integrity. When researching homebuilders, it is important to understand what specifications and allowances are in the contract, because all builders are different. Homeowners can end up spending a lot of extra money if the builder specifications are not in line with the home vision and desired quality.

Question: How can I get an accurate quote for building a custom home?                              

  1. Be honest and transparent. Make sure you’re giving the builder detailed and accurate information about your budget and what you want in your custom home.
  2. Research your style, wants and must-haves.  Check out Pinterest boards, inspiration photos, etc. This can help you communicate your design preferences to the builder.
  3. Clearly read and understand your contracts.  Understand the specifications/ allowances/finishes (appliances, countertops, tile, lights, hardware, sinks, landscaping, built-ins) that are supplied to you from your builder. They are not created equal.
  4. Research the builder ahead of time. Word of mouth and reputation is important. Check out Google and review their website, credentials and reviews.

In our next series, we’ll talk about the Custom Homebuilding Process. Stay tuned!

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