Home Design Trends: 5 Hot Motifs to Watch in 2024


As we round the corner into the new year, the world of residential design continues to evolve and embrace some new directions, while building upon trends seen in 2023.  With a keen eye on innovation and a nod to time-honored principles, Harrison Homes explores five trends set to shape homes in 2024.

1. Embracing Curves: A Shift Towards Softness

Residential general contractors saw a resurgence of arches and curves over the past few years, and this is expected to continue in 2024.   Curves in architecture invite a sense of softness and fluidity into our homes. From elegantly arched doorways, front doors, barrel arched entries, roof lines, built-ins, to sinuous furniture pieces, this trend redefines spaces with a graceful, organic touch.

Why It Matters: Curves evoke a feeling of comfort and flow, fostering a more welcoming and harmonious environment.

2. Natural Elements: Strengthening Connection to the Outdoors

2024 will continue to celebrate a reconnection with nature through residential design. Materials like reclaimed wood, hardwood floors,  natural stone countertops, and unrefined metals take center stage, infusing homes with the authentic essence of the outdoors. Look to see an increase in lush indoor greenery and botanical motifs that accentuate this elemental trend.

Why It Matters: Natural elements ground us, creating spaces that feel nurturing, calming, and attuned to the natural world.

3. Quiet Luxury: Understated Opulence for Modern Living

In 2024, opulence takes on a subtler, more refined form. Quiet luxury emerges through discreet, high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtfully curated elements. This trend invites us to appreciate the finer details, from bespoke finishes to fine accents, enhancing spaces with lasting materials and carefully curated pieces, vs. trendier and more temporary counterparts.

Why It Matters: Quiet luxury embodies a sense of timeless elegance, elevating everyday moments to extraordinary experiences.

4. Texture: A Tactile Symphony

2024 is a year of sensory exploration, with texture emerging as a design cornerstone. From luxe fabrics to intricate tilework, varying textures invite touch and enrich visual depth. This trend transforms spaces into multi-dimensional canvases, creating interest and warmth.

Why It Matters: Texture adds layers of interest, inviting inhabitants to engage with their environment on a visceral level.

5. Resurgence of Bold Color Palettes: Vivid Expressions

A vivid renaissance of bold color palettes unfolds in 2024. Vibrant jewel tones, rich earthy hues, and daring contrasts infuse spaces with energy and personality. This resurgence of color is a celebration of self-expression, encouraging us to embrace and celebrate our unique tastes. This is a definite departure of the popular neutral trend that has remained highly relevant the past few years.  In fact, both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore designated beautifully vibrant blues as their paint colors of the year.

Why It Matters: Bold color palettes infuse spaces with vitality, reflecting the vibrant spirit of those who inhabit them.

As a residential design-build firm for townhome and single-family home developments, staying in tune with the consumer design expectations is critical. We specialize as designing and building quality spaces infused with timeless styles with broad appeal that also embrace elements that elevate a space to something delightful.   Understanding the end-users’ desires and expectations helps us craft a residential product that sells or rents quickly at a premium price point, and works with the project financials.

If you’re a developer planning a Mixed-Use or Residential community, contact Harrison for design and build services. We are a skilled general contractor proficient in multifamily or for-sale attached townhomes, detached single-family home and cottage communities. We have an in-house architect and years of experience building quality spaces for people to call home in Atlanta.

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