Embracing Moody Design in Your Home—Spaces We Love


A design element we love in custom homes are spaces utilizing dark paint colors and trim to create eye-popping drama.  Embracing the dark side can evoke concerns from homeowners about feeling “claustrophobic” and making the room feel small.  However, the opposite is true.

Dark wall colors recede and make walls seem father away, causing perception that the room is actually larger! Light, airy colors are historically found to be perceived as closer to you, closing in the space.

Tastefully incorporated dark colors can make the room feel classic, cozy, sophisticated, masculine or elegant depending on how they are applied. Dark walls are the perfect backdrop to showcase favored art pieces. They set-off light furniture and décor.  They reflect light beautifully. Moody rooms create intimacy while inspiring relaxation.  Inspired to be moody yet?  

Here are some of our favorite rooms to make a moody statement:

  1. Home Office or Den

Home offices are currently one of the most favored rooms amongst our clients in designing a moody space.  Painting the walls, trim, doors and built in’s all the same dark blue, grey or black hue creates a rich, inviting space. The pictures from our custom homes illustrate how the design can feel masculine or feminine, classic or modern. The darker hues are particularly stunning when contrasted with white oak floors.

2. Powder Rooms

First floor powder rooms are a fun way for homeowners to express their moody style, simply because it’s a smaller, less intimidating space to work with. Powder rooms are easy to update as tastes and trends change, too.  Pairing dark colors, dark trim and ceilings with bold, patterned wallpaper can really pack a punch! Powder room vanities, mirrors and hardware are front and center so these selections are crucial to the overall result. We love helping our custom home clients bring personality to their powder rooms!

3. Dining Rooms

A monochromatic palette creates a stunning canvas for homeowners to design with. Check out the custom home that features SW Iron Ore for their dining room—we just adore how it turned out! The white oak floor and gorgeous archways create a stunning, sophisticated room.  

The dining room is also a great spot to apply trim detail with a rich paint color to elevate the space and add visual interest.  Trim design can express your style, whether it’s transitional, classic, modern, etc. Or, you can keep it simple with only the darker paint application, adding texture and dimension with your furniture.

The same principals can be applied to a bedroom, too!

Moody Accents

Not ready for a moody room? Add a moody accent!

Custom-built in’s are a perfect way to incorporate some richness into your home design. We also love how this unique staircase design used dark shiplap.

Whatever your “mood,” Harrison Homes is here to help you design fabulous spaces in your custom home!

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