Eight Factors Harrison Homes Considers When Designing and Building Kitchens


When it comes to designing the heart of the home -the kitchen- our residential design-build firm recognizes the paramount significance of this space. Regardless of whether Harrison is designing for a rental townhome, ranch cottage, single-family residence, or luxury home, the kitchen is more than a place to cook. The kitchen serves as a gathering place, an entertainment hub, and a place for nourishment. The space sets the tone of the home.

With an unwavering commitment to seamlessly blending form and function, Harrison Homes creates kitchens that not only delight the senses but enhance the way today’s homeowner and renter live. Our years of professional expertise in residential architecture and design allows us to do so in innovative ways that strategically maximize the profitability of our clients’ residential developments.

Gathering Place and Entertaining:

The kitchen has evolved into the epicenter of social interactions. It’s where families gather to share stories, friends come together for laughter, and memories are created. Harrison’s design philosophy prioritizes an open layout that seamlessly integrates the kitchen with adjacent living spaces. This approach encourages flow, making entertaining effortless, and allows the host to remain engaged with their guests while preparing food.  Large kitchen islands can accommodate additional seating, adding more seating and space for guests to linger.

First Impressions and Entrance:

We understand the impact of a first impression, and that’s why the kitchen often becomes the focal point when you enter a home. A harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality welcomes visitors, leaving a lasting impression. Thoughtful design elements such as inviting lighting, attractive backsplashes, and strategically placed focal points like statement appliances or kitchen hoods set the tone for the rest of the home.

The Kitchen Work Triangle:

Cooking is an art, and just like any artist, a chef needs an ergonomic and efficient workspace. We meticulously consider the kitchen work triangle, a fundamental principle that ensures an optimized flow between the stove, sink, and refrigerator—the kitchen’s core components. This layout ensures a seamless cooking experience, saving time and effort. (See the drawing below for an example.) Conversely, imagine how awkward it would feel to have the appliances on separate sides of the kitchen island, or placing the appliances all in one line, or the same line of kitchen cabinets. Harrison designs for efficient movement while utilizing kitchen appliances.

Appliances as Focal Points and Furniture Pieces:

Modern kitchens celebrate appliances as more than just functional tools; they are now integral design elements. Farmhouse sinks with apron fronts, the strategic mixing of brass, matte black and polished chrome hardware, spacious kitchen islands, and high-quality appliances can transform a kitchen into a visually stunning space. The careful integration of these elements turns utilitarian spaces into works of art.  Harrison is also able to design beautiful kitchens at a variety of price points, maximizing the space to fit the desired budget.

Sitting Areas:

The allure of a kitchen extends beyond just cooking. Many homeowners request comfortable sitting areas, such as islands with bar stools or standalone tables with chairs. These spaces provide a cozy spot for casual meals, homework, game nights, or intimate conversations. In some of Harrison’s luxury home builds, we’ve incorporated double islands for an added “wow” factor, and have elevated the “breakfast nook” to include vaulted ceilings, beams, statement lighting, etc.

Double Appliances for Growing Families: As families evolve, so do their needs. The rise in the number of children per household or the inclusion of parents often necessitates increased functionality. Double ovens, for instance, cater to larger meal preparations and baking endeavors, making them a popular choice for families. Depending on the residential product and intended demographics for your community, this might a be a value-add that pays off.

The Scullery’s Reimagined Role:

While the tradition of a butler’s pantry endures, a modern twist has emerged in the form of the scullery. Hidden from view, often tucked within a pantry, the scullery serves as a functional workspace for meal prep, storage, and cleaning, allowing the main kitchen to remain a visually appealing and clutter-free haven. This feature is trending big in the luxury home category, including high-end town homes. Additional wine/beverage storage, coffee stations, ice makers, sinks and dishwashers are also highly requested.  

Strategic Location and Natural Light:

Positioning the kitchen in a location that offers views of the backyard or family room is paramount. This strategic placement not only infuses the space with natural light but also provides a sense of security, allowing parents to keep an eye on their children while they play outside or in the pool. In rental homes, allowing for natural light and an open concept is just as critical so the space does not feel cramped or small. 

At Harrison Homes, crafting the perfect kitchen is an art that melds functionality with aesthetic splendor. From optimizing workability to embracing the kitchen as a social hub, we meticulously consider every facet of design. Our approach is tailored to the unique needs of each homeowner or renter, whether in a townhome or a single-family home. By harmonizing modern trends with timeless principles, we breathe life into kitchens that in turn, create an attractive product for the end-user of your residential development.

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