Designing the Perfect Guest Room


When designing a custom home, one space not to be overlooked is the guest bedroom.  Often a multifunctional space, these rooms give homeowners the extra functionality required for modern living, while providing rest, respite and sanctuary for overnight family and friends who come to visit.

Here are a few things to contemplate when designing your guest bedroom(s) for your custom home.

Guest Bedroom Size & Room Placement

During floor plan design, take into account the size and placement of the guest bedroom within your custom home.  For dimensions and square footage, consider the function of the room. Will the space be used solely as a guest room? Will you include a desk for a quiet place to work? A treadmill for a workout? These are important facts to contemplate so that the room provides the right amount of space to achieve your goals.

 Also consider your furniture- what size bed will go into the room? Do you plan to include a dresser, nightstand, statement piece, etc.  How will that furniture lay out in the room? A common mistake homeowners make is overcrowding the room with furniture that is too large or ill-fitting.

When configuring placement of the guest room, remember your guest’s privacy.  When the socializing and holiday gatherings wind down, your guest will want to be able to tuck away for a good night’s rest.  Ambient noise from the kitchen or living room may impact a guest’s sleeping habits.

The Guest Bath

A guest bath offers your visitors a private space to prepare for the day. Do your guests often have young children that bath in a tub? Or would just a shower suffice? What would be best for future resale purposes? Your custom home builder can help you design the right secondary bath to meet your present and future needs.

Secondary baths are also an opportunity for you to express your tastes and style through vanities, tile, plumbing, hardware and light fixture selections.  This is an area that you may feel most comfortable to splurge or play with design. Bold colors, fancy faucets, a nice hand shower for bathing young ones or just rinsing off your shoes can be a nice feature in the bath on the main level.

Hanging multiple pendants, a back lit mirror, or a pair of sconces flanking the mirror are nice ways to incorporate moody lighting for guests when hosting a party or that may have a young one in tow who feel more comfortable with soft lighting.

A high-end marble tile in the guest bath will certainly create a wow factor in this small space and be very impactful. Also, consider a vessel sink on your vanity if that suits your style.


Windows and natural light are crucial to guest bedroom ambience, just as it is in every other room in your custom home. Make sure your design features both natural light and a lighting plan for the right balance.  Windows then may need a covering such as Roman shades, plantation shutters or curtains for bedtime.

Sconces and/or a fancy chandelier are also great ways to insert your design style into a guest bedroom, and create a beautiful space that welcomes your friends and family.

Instead of a ceiling fan, spice up your guestroom with a pretty chandelier.

Guest Room Design Elements

Other fun ways to personalize your guest room so that it complements the entire home design of your custom build include:

  • Design your ceiling.  Include a vaulted ceiling, beams, tongue-in-groove or coffered design element to make the space standout
  • Add trim—whether it’s wainscoting or a single feature wall, there are a wide variety of choices that add flair and texture to your room, whether you desire a modern, traditional, farmhouse or transitional style
  • Try a ledge wall and adorn it with art, picture frames, books, candles, vase, etc. to perfect the look
  • Embrace wallpaper – Wallpaper is an excellent way to make your guest room stand out and unique and homey
  • Paint colors set the mood, so select them with intention
The ceiling design for texture and drama.
This trim wall elegantly elevates the room.


Flooring also adds to the look and feel of your guest room. Would you prefer a plush carpet in the room, or hardwoods with a rug underneath the bed for softness and texture? Memory foam carpet padding underneath both creates an especially luxurious feel.

Once you have designed the perfect guest bedroom space, it’s easy to add some simple décor touches and customizations that make guests feel pampered. Here are 15 ideas from Harrison Homes for spoiling your guests so they’ll want to visit again!

  1. Keep an extra phone charger in the in nightstand
  2. A fabulous smelling candle or diffuser is a must!
  3. Place fresh flowers and/or greenery in the bed and bathroom
  4. Stock the closet with hangers for your guest’s clothes and pop a luggage rack in the closet
  5. Invest in good pillows and quality linens so friends can rest well
  6. Offer extra cozy throw blankets for your visitors who like to snuggle or who are always cold
  7. Stock the bathroom with toiletries, shampoo, conditioner, band aids, spare toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, towels, soap, and blow dryer. Make sure it is nicely organized in the linen closet or within the vanity
  8. Pamper guests with a plush robe and pair of slippers to use during their stay
  9. Keep a sound machine in the nightstand
  10. Offer some current magazines, novel or crossword puzzles to encourage alone time
  11. Include a laundry basket for guests to discard their worn items
  12. Display a picture frame and update it to feature a shot that includes your guest
  13. Include a chaise or comfortable chair or bench for guests to enjoy
  14. Incorporate tasteful seasonal and holiday décor
  15. Add a pretty mirror, or group of mirrors

Disclaimer, Harrison Homes does warn you that if you execute the guest space as we describe above, your visitors may never want to leave your home!  

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