Designing and Building the Vision: Multifamily Townhomes and Detached Single-Family Home Communities


Finding a residential construction company that excels at designing and building high-quality townhomes or single-family homes on time and within the developer’s budget can be an arduous task.  However, Harrison Homes has been reshaping Atlanta neighborhoods through exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to excellence since 2007.  Harrison Homes has mastered the art of creating multifamily living spaces through capable architectural design, beautifully curated design packages and amenity-rich community living. 

Architectural Design: Efficiently Drawing Your Homes

We offer an extensive range of architectural styles and floor plans to suit the demographic and architectural review board standards of the area. This ensures that our developer clients find the right home designs for their communities, attract renters or homebuyers, and maximize project revenue. From sleek and modern townhomes to on-trend detached single-family homes or cottages, Harrison creates a product that caters to the targeted consumers, within the financial model.

Townhomes: The Epitome of Contemporary Living

Harrison Homes’ townhomes embody the essence of contemporary living. With meticulous attention to detail, we seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, creating inviting spaces that make a statement. Open-concept layouts with 10’ ceilings in main living spaces, attractive kitchens, and spa-like bathrooms are just a few ways Harrison Homes’ townhomes can be designed to complement and enhance today’s lifestyles.

Additionally, Harrison Homes recognizes the importance of green multifamily living. We incorporate sustainable features into our townhome and SFR designs, such as energy-efficient appliances, EV charging stations and smart home technology. By prioritizing energy efficient designs, we provide homeowners and home renters with an eco-friendly and cost-effective living experience. For rental properties, this helps the owner of the development protect their investment and save on long-term maintenance costs.

Multifamily Living: Fostering Vibrant Communities

One of the defining characteristics of Harrison Homes is our dedication to creating vibrant and inclusive communities. Our expertise in multifamily and single-family developments has allowed us to reimagine how neighborhoods can foster connection and a sense of belonging.

By designing multifamily housing options, such as townhome communities, Harrison promotes social interaction and a strong sense of community. Thoughtfully planned common spaces, like green spaces, dog parks, and communal fire pits, encourage residents to forge meaningful relationships with their neighbors.

Furthermore, we understand that a successful multifamily living experience extends beyond physical structures. We actively engage with local stakeholders, collaborating with city planners, landscape architects, and community organizations to integrate developments seamlessly into the existing fabric of the neighborhood. By doing so, this contributes to the overall well-being and growth of the community.

Harrison Homes’ commitment to design-build excellence and our innovative approach to multifamily living has positioned us at the forefront of the residential construction industry. Our expertise in designing and building townhomes and detached single-family homes has transformed neighborhoods, creating vibrant and inclusive communities.

If you’re planning a multi-family townhome development or a single-family home community, contact us for a consultation.

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