Architectural Styles for Townhome Developments


Residential architectural styles are an important aspect of a townhome development as they play a significant role in setting the overall aesthetic and have lasting impact on the value and appeal of the property. Below Harrison Homes explores some of the most popular residential architectural styles that are best suited for townhome development.

Traditional Architecture

Traditional architecture is a timeless style that is inspired by historical design elements and classic building techniques. This style is often characterized by symmetrical elevations, gabled roofs, dormer windows, columned porches and elegant moldings and trim. Traditional architectural styles such as Colonial, Victorian, and Georgian are often ideal for townhome developments due to their classic and timeless aesthetic.

Traditional Townhome Design, with Modern Farmhouse Accents by Harrison Homes

Modern Farmhouse Architecture

The Modern Farmhouse has dominated home design for the past few years and townhomes are no exception! Modern Farmhouse style townhomes typically feature a simple, yet elegant exterior design with clean lines and a neutral color palette. The homes are often clad in materials such as wood, stone, or metal, which gives them a natural and rustic look. Large windows and a prominent front porch are also hallmark features of this style, creating a welcoming and inviting entrance. What distinguishes modern farmhouse architecture from Farmhouse designs is the use of symmetry. Farmhouses are traditionally symmetrical, with 7” horizontal siding, columns with stone bases, and color palettes in earthy tones. Modern Farmhouses often contain some asymmetrical design elements, with vertical 4” siding, and use black and white color palettes.

In 2022 and 2023, the popular Modern Farmhouse style has evolved to integrate with Scandinavian design influence. The Scandinavian farmhouse style draws inspiration from the rustic and woodsy elements of Swedish and Danish culture, and is characterized by clean lines, simplistic design, and lots of natural light with large windows.

Modern Farmhouse Townhome Design by Harrison Homes
Scandinavian Influenced Architecture

Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary architecture is urban in nature, with long, vertical lines (think tall and skinny windows as opposed to square.)  Contemporary architecture is characterized by simplicity–clean lines, minimal ornamentation, geometric shapes and an emphasis on functionality. This style is often seen in townhome developments that have a more modern and urban setting. With its sleek and minimalist design, contemporary architecture can help create a sense of open and airy living spaces that are well suited to modern lifestyles. Flat roofs and asymmetrical windows and doors are common characteristics of modern and contemporary townhome architecture.

Craftsman Architecture

Craftsman architecture is a style that is characterized by its handcrafted details, such as exposed rafters, decorative brackets, and natural materials like wood and stone. This style is often seen in townhome developments that want to create a more rustic and organic feel. With its emphasis on natural materials and handcrafted details, Craftsman-style townhomes can help create a sense of community and a connection to the natural world.

Harrison Homes

Harrison Homes has experience with all styles of architecture and can help review plans and concepts you may already have drafted or start fresh and create elevations and floorplans from scratch.  When deciding on a design style, remember to review any restrictions the Design Review Board or Architecture Review Board will impose for the project. Maintaining architectural consistency is often very important to the municipality. Other points include the physical location of the development, the limitations and/or conditions of the site, as well as the expectations of your end user.    Lastly, some architectural styles are naturally more costly to build than others. There are many factors to consider when determining the right design for your townhome development, and Harrison is here to help guide that process.

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